Crisis Media Training

Crisis Media Training

Journalists love the “3Cs” - crisis, conflict and controversy. A daily glance at national newspapers, TV news and social media channels proves this. But while a crisis can be fascinating for their readers and viewers, it can be excruciating, damaging and extremely costly for the people and organisation at the heart of it.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Indeed, if a crisis in the full glare of the media is handled in the right way, those people and organisations can even emerge with their reputations enhanced. So crisis management training should be regarded as an essential and smart investment for any business.

On this one-day course, through our expert knowledge of both the media and your business, we’ll give you the skills and knowledge essential for facing the specific crises your organisation could encounter.

What the course covers:

how to plan for a variety of crises - anything from a cyber attack to a fraud allegation to a call centre fire

what to do immediately the crisis breaks

how to face the media when it’s the last thing you feel like doing!

understanding the different ways broadcast and print journalists operate

how to answer the toughest questions

when and how to express concern and empathy

whether to say sorry

assessing best and worst practice through case studies

handling and using social media in a crisis

how to prevent a crisis escalating