Media Training

Media Training

Media training companies are not all the same, just as we recognise all our clients are different.

Unlike many training companies, we offer:

the chance to do a press interview scenario, which is written up into a printed article during the training day for you to take away

access to top broadcast studios and training rooms

trainers who are used to working with international delegates, who might speak many different languages

trainers who can diplomatically handle in-house groups with delegates at different management levels.

Plus, we’ll:

always send you a pre-course questionnaire, so your course is tailored to your needs

provide a digital copy of your broadcast interviews and give you written feedback on how you performed, with tips and suggestions

offer on-going support

You’ll discover:

what makes news (it’s not always what you might think)

how to prepare for different publications, from daily newspapers to trade journals

how to take control of the interview

how to handle tricky questions

what “off the record” really means

whether you should ever say “no comment”

what to do if a journalist mis-quotes you.

the right body language

how to cope with different types of press and broadcast interviews

the different demands of live/recorded interview