Online Media

Online Media/Crisis Training

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed so many aspects of all our lives and that includes how we do media interviews.

With the huge increase in demand for accurate news explained by experts and engaging spokespeople - especially in times of crisis - journalists now want to speak to interviewees “down-the-line” via platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Webex and BlueJeans.
So it’s crucial - whether you’ve done many media interviews in years gone by or none at all - that you can perform brilliantly via this new format.

It might look easy, but as we all know from watching news bulletins, even the most high-profile and seasoned interviewees can and do make basic errors. Broadcasting live to millions from your living-room is no excuse for a less-than-professional performance.
Make no mistake - there’s so much more to a great online interview than most people realise.

The great news is we cover it all in our online training, which has many benefits, including:

no travel time

no room hire or travel costs

suitable for individuals or small groups

is great for team-building

flexibility to fit around your day

Our interactive online training sessions are packed with useful information and practice, but fun too! Each one is bespoke to your demands, but typically can include:

the unique challenges of online interviews

how to set up your location

what to wear and “online body language”

how to avoid classic pitfalls

how to create key messages your audience will remember

how to handle tricky questions and technical issues

the differences between various platforms, such as Zoom, Teams and Webex etc..

You’ll experience:

a variety of radio and TV practice interviews with full playback and feedback

a print interview, which means you’ll see your quotes in a mocked-up article on the day

a look at real examples of good and bad practice!

Plus, you’ll also receive a copy of your on-screen performance, so you can remind yourself in the future of what worked brilliantly.

With the growing demand for great spokespeople, it’s clear that journalists and broadcast organisations recognise the value of being able to interview people wherever they might be, including in their homes - and that’s likely to be the case, even when our lives have gone back to how they once were.

Online interviews are here to stay. It’s never too late to master them.