Press Interview Training

Press Interview Training

Most interviewees will never go on Newsnight or Watchdog – they’re much more likely to be interviewed by a national, regional or local newspaper, or perhaps a trade magazine. These require a very different approach to coping with a “grilling” on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme!

Few media trainers will ever show you what can result from a print interview training scenario, but we do. Before the end of the session you’ll see your interview written up into a printed article, so you can understand which of your quotes were used and why. It’s usually the biggest surprise and most valuable lesson of the day!

You’ll discover:

what makes news (it’s not always what you might think)

how to prepare for different publications, from daily newspapers to trade journals

how to take control of the interview

how to handle tricky questions

what “off the record” really means

whether you should ever say “no comment”

what to do if a journalist mis-quotes you.