TV Interview Training

TV Interview Training

You’re unlikely to have to do a prime-time Newsnight or Despatches interview, but all TV appearances, including those on regional news programmes or 24-hour news channels, have their own demands, primarily because these interviews are incredibly short – perhaps just 30 seconds.

The shorter the interview, the more you need to prepare. The good interviewees make this very tough challenge look effortless and simple.

We use state-of-the-art broadcast studios to give a true sense of what to expect, so if you ever have to do it for real, perhaps a “live link” on Breakfast TV, or a recorded piece for the lunchtime news, then the sights, sounds and distractions will seem that much more familiar.

Alternatively, we can conduct all our training at your location for convenience.

We will help you:

create powerful key messages

handle tricky questions

cope with different types of TV interview

use the right body language

avoid being misquoted

…and know when to decline an interview!